Elvis Invitationals 2009



Seattle Invitationals 2009

2009 Poster Seattle Invitationals (Formerly Elvis Invitationals)





Jimmy Peschel Elvis



Sweet Pea, Marlow and Nathan






Jimmy, Marlow, Sweet Pea and Jim Dever





Brett Wiggens Elvis


Marlow Harris and Helen Anne Gately (Hellon Wheels)


Dino Macris


Blue Calcutta



Marlow Harris, Enjay Santos and Sweet Pea

Helen Anne Gately, Kelly Lyles, Marlow Harris (Priscilla)


Marlow Harris, Jim Dever and KD


Sweet Pea, Gene Stout, Marcia Marcy Marlow Harris and Ronnie Porter



Sweet Pea, Chris Matthews and Marlow Harris


Thanks to Peter Verbrugge for putting on another fabulous event!


Elvis Invitationals Contest Winners for 2009

1st- Helen-Anne Gately – Big Hunk O’ Love – 129 points
1st-Dino Macris – You gave me a mountain – 129 points
3 Bret Wiggins – Suspicious Minds – 124
4. Danny Putnam – Little Sister- 118
5. Enjay Santos – C C RIder – 116
6. Jim Peschal – Little Less Conversation -114
7. Tom Nelligan – Baby Lets Play House – 112
8. Ronnie Porter – Its now or never – 111
9. Derek Eisel – Thats..allright mama -110
10. Marcia Marcy – Jailhouse Rock -108

The runners-up: (In no particular order)

Chad Donahue – Can’t Help Falling in love
Robert Holder – Touble
Ken Poirier – My Way
Chris Matthews – Don’t
Mike Webber – Marie’s The Name
Rudy Razon- Teddy Bear/Don’t be Cruel
Nathan Alidina – Viva Las Vegas
Vincent Hill – Devil in Disguise
Clay Voltz- Polk Salad Annie
Roger Anderson – You don;t have to say you love me

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