Troll Road Trip in Seattle area

Troll that is in Lincoln Park byt Coleman Pool in Seattle

Washington State’s ultimate Trolls Road Trip is awaiting you!

Hiding in different spots around the Seattle area are five of the six Pacific Northwest Trolls. This road trip will take you to find all five of these mythical creatures in an all-day excursion, while also offering the opportunity to explore some of the more unique areas of Washington along the way. If you want to see the sixth troll, you’ll have to make the lengthy final leg of the drive just south of the border to Portland, Oregon where the final troll in this series awaits. What a magical experience!

📍 1) Pia The Peacekeeper (Bainbridge Island)
📍 2) Frankie Feetsplinters (Ballard)
📍 3) Jakob Two Trees (Issaquah)
📍 4) Bruun Idun (West Seattle)
📍 5) Oscar The Bird King (Vashon)
📍 6) Ole Bolle (Portland)

While you CAN see these all in one day, the one down in Portland will take 4 hours to get to.  But it IS possible to see the Trolls in the Seattle area  if one starts early in the day.

Live Troll Map by Artist Thomas Danbo