Cupcake Break






Cupcake Break




Here’s a few fun things to read while you’re enjoying your delicious cupcake from Elizabeth Jameson and having your double-tall non-fat vanilla latte and biscotti….
Mr. Potter’s Museum of Curiousities!

This is from Potter’s Museum of Curiosities. Mr. Potter was a taxidermist and folk artist who lived in England until his death in 1918.










A Case of Curiousities 



Steve Bard’s Strange News Page
Strange News



Gallery of Regrettable Food items from the 1950’s and 60’s.

Gallery of Regrettable Food



Nippon Ham Recipe Suggestions!


Tasty Ham Recipes!


Weight-Watchers Recipe Cards from 1974

Recipe Card Collection




Cate’s Garage Sale Finds — Children’s birthday
cake recipes, Meals Men Love, Fun with Jello Brand Gelatin and more!
Cates Garage Sale










Mmmmm… Meat Shakes!

It’s the coming rage. Check out the new line of Spring Coiture from Europe. Design your own line of custom Papier de la Toilette for the coming season!


Toilet Paper Fashions



The U.S. Government has a new webpage called It has lots of advice that would be helpful in case of terrorist attack. There are lots of icons and graphics used on the site that could have several meanings.


In 1996, Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert began traveling to different places in the world to make balloon hats for people and take photos of them. The goal was to show people all over the world laughing and having fun. In total, they visited 34 countries and have over 10,000 pictures. Inside this web site you will find all sorts of photos and stories.



What did YOU do for International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Ye have read about it from that scallywag Dave Barry (shiver me timbers!) and ye’ve heard ’bout it on the high seas (AAARRRGGHHH!!!), but learn ’bout it here friends

Talk Like a Pirate website








More Cupcakes!

Betcha Didn’t Know….

Several fatty acids from animals are key ingredients in plastic — and just think of all the things that are made from plastic!

Cows provide a substance called glycerine that helps to fight dental plaque. It’s used in toothpaste, mouthwash, handlotions and other cosmetics.
Gelatin, a protein in animal bones and skin, is used in ice cream to keep its shape and texture. You’ll also find it in yogurt, chewing gum and marshmallows.

Soap, paint, detergent, cosmetics, wallpaper, glass and sports equipement — all are made in part from animals.
Pig heart valves are commonly used to replace diseased human heart valves.

In some cultures, the ultimate by-product of farm animals — manure — is dried and burned as fuel or formed into bricks and used for building.

Here’s a simple test designed to find out if someone has too much stress in their lives.
Stress Test



Delicious Cupcakes by Elizabeth Jameson
Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products
You’ve probably seen the fine products of ACME advertised in Warner
Bros. cartoons — now you can peruse their catalog online. Long
popular with a certain coyote who spent quality time in the American Southwest, ACME is known for unusual products of high caliber. Their Jet Propelled Unicycle and Rocket Powered Roller Skates are fun for kids of all ages. The Instant Icicle Maker is guaranteed to bring laughs to your next party, and you’ll find a multitude of household uses for the Giant Rubber Bands. ACME can also help with all your Halloween needs, offering Batman, Superhero, and Female Road Runner costumes. Need a date in a hurry? Try a bottle of Instant Girl. Don’t forget the classic ACME Anvils. Accept no imitations!

Acme Products
The Five-Second Rule

If you drop something on the floor, is it ok to eat it if it’s been there for 5 seconds or less?

Five-Second Rule


Buster’s Big Adventure!
A story of one little dogs adventures on a Seattle Metro Bus
Unusual Homes. Amazing Architecture. Strange Places

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Play Whack-a Agent!


Shatnerology for the Masses
Shatnerology Web Site
The page would not be possible without my friend Steve Bard’s input. Thanks for sending me all this stuff, Steve! Check back often for updates and new silly stuff!

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