Happy Clients

Here are a few photos of some Happy Buyers and their new homes. If you would like to see your picture here, all you have to do is give me a call, and we can find the home of your dreams too! — Marlow Harris, 206-329-3795

Bret and KristenBret & Kristen
Bret and Kristen are both research scientists and are way smarter than me. But they hardly laughed at anything I said and were really, really polite, even though I was clearly their intellectual inferior. They bought this really cute frame Tudor in Loyal Heights. Isn’t it cute?
Patty and CurtisPatti & Curt’s New Greenlake Home
Patti’s an attorney and Curt’s a landscape architect. Here they are on the front porch of their new home. It’s right across the street from the Woodland Park Zoo and you can hear the animals screech sometimes at night. Patti and Curt share the home with their new baby Timothy, born just a few days after they moved in.
Tom and JudyTom’s an architect and Judy’s a physician, and we found this great house in Madrona for them. Here’s a note they sent me: “Thank you so much – for your guidance and advice, for your patience and good humor through all the mood swings of this process, for the time looking at homes – and more homes – and more homes, for the lovely touches like the “house wine.” You made an unbearable hassle bearable!
Matt's new homeMatt looked for about 2 months. He was pretty committed during the process… it was touch-and-go and we almost lost the house, but prevailed in the end. He got a great deal in Central Seattle, and has already made dough, just by signing the papers!
Robin and HowardHere they are, in front of their new home! These folks are newlyweds and fearless real estate investors. We should all be so motivated and hardworking as these two! This is a great old Victorian home in a fine Seattle neighborhood and they’re going to have fun decorating it and making this house truly a home of their own.
Robin and Howard
Yuka and PaulHere they are on the day of their inspection! They’re excited to buy their first home and looking forward to making lots of improvements and changes. Paul is a boat builder and woodworker and this house has a perfect woodshop. Yuka is a Cornish-trained interior designer and is looking forward to working her magic and transforming this, the first of many houses to come!
Yuka and Paul
CyndiaA local visual artist, Cyndia poses in front of her new home in the Seattle area. A Victorian-era two-family dwelling with lots of gingerbread and original molding, details and trim.
Sue and JimHere they are the day they bought their cute Craftman house in Wallingford! Jimmy was in the Coast Guard but now is a skipper on a private boat. Sue is a textile designer (you’ll find her work at www.SueGundy.com).
Sue and Jim
Becky and BrianBecky and Brian love Crafstman-era homes. Whatever they buy, it must be of this vintage. Apparently there’s no joy in fixing up a 1970’s split level! Here they are in front of their first home in the Ballard area. They have since gone on to buy 2 other Craftsman homes, plus land in Winthrop and a lovely Airstream to put on it (photo coming soon, I hope!)
Becky and Brian
KathrynThis is Kathryn’s first house. It’s a darling Tudor in Phinney Ridge. Isn’t it great? She’s so happy, as it faces South, gets great light, and offers wonderful spaces to do her artwork and enjoy life.
Debla and BrunoBruno came from Paris and didn’t have a clue about Seattle real estate. He and Debla took a leap and ended up in a great big rambling house in a fabulous up-and-coming neighborhood and have a little girl now, Margaux!
Debla & Bruno
ClarkClark likes to live where the action is. He’s a happenin’ kind of guy. Editor of Misc.Media and all around gadabout, he found a fabulous condo at the Elektra. (Visit his website, www.miscmedia.com)

Mary’s New Highrise Condo

Mary, who has run a Victorian Bed & Breakfast for years, was ready for a change. She decided to start a new chapter in her life at the Meridian in downtown Seattle. Here she is in the magnificent lobby of her new home.



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