Dead Elvis Party



Helen Ann Gately, aka “Hell on Wheels”,
Seattle’s only female Elvis Impersonator and catering queen!


Worshiping at the “Shrine of Elvis”


Toby “Accordion Elvis” Hanson,
serenading the crowd with Elvis tunes and polka classics.





A swell time was had by all….


Kelly Lyles, looking ravishing, as usual.



A magic moment at the Dead Elvis Party.


Victuals and Party Sustanance from “Are You Hungry Tonight?”
(Elvis’ Favorite Foods Cookbook).
Mmmmm…! Are those fried peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches I see?


Our lovely friend, caterer and Female Elvis Impersonator Helen Ann Gately, aka Hell-on-Wheels.


Karen and Olivia celebrate their birthdays
with Hell on Wheels at the Dead Elvis Party.


Congratulations to the winners
of the Dead Elvis Coloring Contest!



Hell-on-Wheels and Cab Elvis enjoy a special moment.


A delicious end to a beautiful evening….

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