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Tim Silbaugh

This is a photo of Tim Silbaugh’s old 8th Avenue studio where
objects ruled and Tim was the slave…. old record players,
broken lamps, games, religious trinkets, TV’s, hair dryers,
toys, medical instruments, & anything with Student Nurse
in the title. See more of Tim’s cool art, illustrations
and collages at
Contact Tim at





Rent Panic – Tim’s piece for the Stranger when the
skyrocketing costs of real estate made headlines.

This was for an article in Seattle magazine about Road Rage.
In 2000 Tim won first place in editorial illustration for this one
at the SPJ awards (Society of Professional Journalists)

Lauren Grossman



For the last several years, Lauren Grossman has been making sculpture and installations engaging the peculiarities of the judeo/christian legacy. The religious images which were once an assumed vocabulary of western visual culture have become strange and a bit archaic, but are still potent. Using everything from levers to artificial hearts, she has found mechanical metaphors particularly suited to thinking about the functions of religion and faith.


Lauren Grossman and Masao Everett’s old place on Pike Street.
Lots of religious accouterments and some dead things and
some fabulous sculptures and candles made by Lauren.
I found them a really cool new house on 23rd, but haven’t made
it over since they moved in. Soon. Very, very soon, I will add
new photo’s of Lauren’s studio and their new home. Really.


Ghost Tongue — Glass/Iron/Velvet ? 16″ x 10″ x 16″
Lauren Grossman

To see more of Lauren’s work, please go to

Kim Hall


Kim Hall is an artist, engineer, mad scientist
and art-car creator who lives in Greenwood.
Kim’s Art Car


Here is a picture of his fabulous kitchen.
Note the bowling trophy handles on the cupboards.


Another creation of his, the “Dentist’s Chair Computer Station”.


For information on how to commission your own unique works,
please contact

Jena Scott


Seattle artist Jena Scott’s cozy living room
with a large photo of an East LA gang by Lynn McCracken.
To the right of this is a set of 4 drawings by Michael Nakoneczny.
On the bamboo table is a piece by Robert Yoder.
To contact Jena,
or to view more of Jena’s paintings:


“Pretty….Lucky” 1998 and “Midnight Sonata” 1999 by Jena Scott


More photos and information will be added
to this section soon

Please check back again for more artist’s homes and studios or contact me if you would like more information about any of the artists featured here or if you know someone who would be a great addition for this site.


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