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Since humans began living in caves, they had the urge to decorate their dwellings. For most people, it’s an understandable wish to beautify and embelish their homes, surroundings and environments.. For others, this decorating becomes an obsession. And for some people, it becomes a life quest, a way to articlulate a vision and to validate a life. It’s an attempt to make a dream a reality and to share that dream with the world.

(The photo above is Disneyland’s “House of the Future” designed by Monsanto and in Disneyland until 1967. For more details see “House of the Future” on Yesterland and an interesting discussion on Boing Boing of Disneyland’s NEW “House of the Future” exhibit, bound to disappoint those who remember the original.

Seattle area Hansel & Gretyl Cottage


Located in Olalla, a short ferry ride away from Seattle in Kitsap County.


Meander along the lushly landscaped drive. You might meet the 7 Dwarfs along the way. Cross the stone bridge and view the 1000 year old treehouse. Amble on to the one-of-a-kind Storybook Home with 5 stone fireplaces, custom ceilings, calls, windows and more. Featured in Country Living & Evening Magazine & on the cover of 2004 Storybook Homes calendar. This was a true one-of-a-kind home.


DadoDome on the Columbia River

This beautiful home is in a sublime setting on the bluffs overlooking the Columbia River,the Gorge and Mt Hood just west of Lyle,Washington. It is called a Dadodome built of ferro cement. The name Dadodome is a nickname as it is really a Rhombic Tricontahedron or a Zome.It is six rhombic tricontahedrons fused together. The home was built for a former libarian for the Handford Energy Facility by her artist son and a number of contractors.The view from this home is absolutely beautiful,very private and peaceful.

(Temporarily off the market.)


House of Mystery For Sale

World famous-renowned business. The House of Mystery at The Oregon Vortex has captivated tourists from across the globe. Many have attempted to solve the secrets of the anti-gravitational electromagnetic field, that causes people to appear to grow, shrink, and stand comfortably at an angle of 7-1/2 degrees. It is an area of visual and perceptual phenomena that occurs naturally and can be captured on film.

The Vortex is 165 feet 4 inches in diameter and was first known by the Native Americans, who called it The Forbidden Ground. This intriguing phenomena, opened to the public in 1930, attracts thousands of tourists annually. The Vortex continues to baffle scientist and people of all professions, where the improbable is the common place, and where everyday physical facts area reversed. But whatever your education or profession, you will find a challenge to all your accepted theories.

Maria Cooper, who has owned the House of Mystery since 1960.

The Oregon House of Mystery and Oregon Vortex is for sale for $2,000,000. It’s hard to put a price on something like this. But they did!


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The Simpson’s House Has a New Owner!

Hey Man! Don’t have a Cow!

But the Kaufman and Broad Home Corp. Simpson House, the full-scale replica of “The Simpsons” Fox Broadcasting Co.’s television series cartoon home, has an owner. Barbara Howard, a 63-year-old retired factory worker from Richmond, Ky., has won the multi-colored four-bedroom home that every 12-year-old kid in the country would die to call his digs.

The Simpsons House, 712 Red Bark Lane, is part of Kaufman and Broad’s Springfield Community South Valley Ranch. The community was named after the Simpsons cartoon character’s home town.

The Simpson House is painted a vibrant yellow and baby blue — both inside and out. Power orange, generator green, jazz age coral and pink flamingo colors adorn furniture, walls and floors inside.

To build the replica of the cartooned house, Kaufman and Broad architects spent hours watching episodes of “The Simpsons,” figuring out how the characters moved from room to room and even noting where mouseholes were. (There are three.)

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Man’s apartment encased in aluminum foil
What kind of friends coat your apartment – and nearly everything in it – with tinfoil while you’re away? Here’s a hint: One of the only objects that escaped the shiny treatment was a book titled “Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends.”

Chris Kirk found his downtown Olympia apartment encased in aluminum foil when he returned home Monday night from a trip to Los Angeles.

The walls, ceiling, cabinets and everything in between shimmered, after the prank orchestrated by Kirk’s longtime friend, Luke Trerice, 26, who was staying in the apartment while Kirk was away.

“He’s known for large-scale strangeness,” Kirk, 33, told The Olympian. “He warned me that he would be able to touch my stuff, but it didn’t sound so bad.”

Trerice, who lives in Las Vegas, and a small group of friends draped the apartment with about 4,000 square feet of aluminum foil, which cost about $100.

“It was just a spur of the moment thing,” Trerice said. “I really don’t even consider it art. I consider it a psychology project. … He seems to be upbeat, so I consider this a success. “

No detail was too small or too time-consuming. The toilet paper was unrolled, wrapped in foil, then rolled back up again. The friends covered Kirk’s book and compact disc collections but made sure each CD case could open and shut normally. They even used foil on each coin in Kirk’s spare change.


This artistic work-in-progress is called Luna Parc. There also used to be an amusement park located on the shores of Puget Sound in West Seattle in the 1920’s.

The on-line tour has recently been expanded and updated for easier navigation to points of interest.

It now includes extravagant mosaic work, whimsical outdoor sculpture, and a bathroom like nothing else in the world. Luna Parc, like all of Ricky’s creations, reflect a sensibility that is wholly original and uniquely Ricky Boscarino.

Ricky is artist-in-residence at this fabulous, fanciful and phantasmagoric house, cozily nestled in a forest glade.

Surrounded by an elaborate profusion of flora and populated by an exotic menagerie of fauna ranging from pigs to peacocks, Luna Parc is a continuously evolving expression of Boscarino’s creativity and provides a constant source of inspiration for it.

Luna Parc Website

Unusual Home for Sale in Seattle

Very unusual 1982 Northwest Contemporary home for sale in secluded and private neighborhood near Ravenna for $500K. Three bedrooms, 4.5 baths, plus MIL apartment to help with the mortage payments. Two huge decks, lots of interesting angles and interesting architectural details. (Temporarily off the market.)

The urge to decorate and embelish ones home is a life-long obsession for some of us…..

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Meet Steve Bard


Steve is a consummate collector extraordinaire.
He lives in South Seattle with a beautiful Southern view,
and delights in his incredible collections.

Some items in Steve’s collection include
The World’s Smallest Mummy,
Siamese twin calves,
goats and weasels,
and paintings on the head of a pin.



He also has a library of curious and esoteric tomes,
a toaster museum (150+ antique models),
antique caskets and funeral memorabilia.


Other items in his collection include a two-faced pig, cow kitten
and “boar rodents”, Victorian art woven from human hair,
electrical quack medical devices and other curiosities,
antiquities and gadgetry too numerous to mention.




More Steve Bard photos at Kirsten Anderson’s Thumbmonkey.

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Your home is your castle, but can also be an expression of your soul, your deepest longing, your personality and a portal to your spirit.
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