Seattle Restaurants

Seattle Restaurants and Menu’s

Beyond coffee carts and cafes, the Seattle food and restaurant scene is thriving thanks to top culinary talent, fresh local ingredients and great Pacific Northwest microbreweries and wineries. Foodies can enjoy new American culinary adventures at a remarkable number of restaurants around the Puget Sound area.

Some of my favorite restaurants have disappeared. That split-pea soup restaurant on Pike. That little place by Moe’s that just had french fries. The Dog House. That pie store. Trader Vic’s. Here’s a collection of old menu’s from some of my favorite restaurants from years gone by.



One of my favorite restaurants was Ivar’s Acres of Clams, located on Elliot Bay. Ivar was a real guy, a Seattle character, folksinger, and restaurateur and was known as “King of the Waterfront,” and also “Mayor” and “Patriarch” of the waterfront. He began as a folksinger, and in 1938 established Seattle’s first aquarium at Pier 54, along with a fish-and-chips stand. In 1946 Ivar established the “Acres of Clams” restaurant. By 1965, when he began lofting fireworks over Elliott Bay — Fourth of Jul-Ivar — he was a legend. He did crazy things, was friend of one of my favorite Seattle TV personalities, Captain Puget, and bought the Smith Tower for One Million Dollars.

Ivar Haglund on History Link

Another one of my favorite, now defunct restaurants, is The Dog House. Ran by Laurie Gulbranse, it closed January 31st, 1994. My husband and I had our wedding rehearsal dinner there in 1989. It was open 24-hours a day for over 60 years, and I miss it. Last Call at the Dog House

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