Seattle Invitationals Contest rules and judging

Seattle Invitationals Contest Judging & Rules

Thank you for participating in Seattle’s favorite amateur King of Rock and Roll competition!

Firstly this is an amateur contest that is open to anyone who is not professional ETA. It is now also open to any past contest winners, as long as you are still an amateur performer. Cherry Pickers will be spotted and not allowed to perform so please do not sign up if you perform it as a side business.

The important thing is that everyone gets a chance to perform and have fun, so everyone can relax and enjoy the evening. You must pick three songs from the song list linked on the home page- songs are first come first served and the producer reserves the right to make adjustments in advance of show date as needed to make for a good show.

You will get an email back within 7 days confirming your songs. All Elvis are required to attend sound check, typically 3-4 hours before the show starts. Sound check times will be assigned when you get your confirmation email from the producer. There will be a dressing room at the club but do not expect much privacy or space. Do NOT leave valuables or cameras in the dressing room.

The show will start with the bands around 8:30pm and then the amateurs take the stage.

Contestants will be judged on the following criteria:

1) Vocal Performance (score up to 10 points)
Did they sound like the king or whimper like a mouse… did they remember the lyrics?

2) Costume & appearance (score up to 10 points)
Was any effort made? How is their hair-do? Any make-up or special props- was their costume rented or made with loving care to detail?

3) Stage presence: (score up to 10 points)
How did they act on stage? Did they perform any moves that drove the crowd crazy- did they work on a special routine? Did they have any back-up singers, dancer’s or anything else that was outstanding?

4) Audience response (score up to 5 points)
Was the applause lukewarm, warm, hot or red hot? The crowd decides this one!

So you can get 35 points maximum.
We tally up the scores and announce the winners
about 30 minutes after the show.
We announce only the top ten winners
but at the end all of the evening all contestants
can do one mass song on stage!

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