House Hunters





Valerie Sloane Searches for a Starter Home in Seattle with her friend Mary Jo and with Broker Marlow Harris of
Seattle Dream Homes

House Hunters Episode HNT-5006H


Valerie is looking for her first home in Seattle, but she won’t settle for the average starter house. With her fascination with odd collectibles, including a whale skull coffee table and a stuffed squirrel, she admits she has quirky tastes, and wants her new house to reflect that quality. She’s willing to spend close to $400,000 to find a place that’s as unique as she is, and she’s not afraid of a fixer. Can her friend Mary Jo help her locate the home of her dreams, and keep Valerie from taking on a project that’s more than she can handle? Can real estate broker Marlow Harris help her find the Seattle home of her dreams? Watch and find out!
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