Seattle in Film
Since it made it’s Hollywood debut in 1933’s Tugboat Annie, Seattle has been featured in 100’s of films and TV shows. You’d be surprised that some of your favorite films were made right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle has been the background for many landmark films and the foreground of progressive musical movements. Probably he most famous film made in and about Seattle was “Sleepless in Seattle”


YouTube – Sleepless in Seattle Recut as a Horror Film

Expiration Date
In this romantic fable, Charlie Silver Cloud III (Robert A. Guthrie) is about to turn 25, the same age his father and grandfather were when they were killed by milk trucks. Convinced his own tragic fate awaits him, Charlie prepares for his date with destiny. Then he meets a girl who wont let him die in peace.



Brand Upon the Brain! (2006) is a silent film directed by Guy Maddin. Produced by The Film Company in Seattle, Shot on location in Seattle, this is Maddin’s first film made outside of Canada.
Guy Maddin reluctantly returns to his childhood home, an abandoned Canadian island, where his parents ran an orphanage. As Guy fulfills his dying mother’s request to paint the lighthouse which served as the orphanage, memories of strange events there overpower him. An undercover investigation by child author/detective Wendy and a revolt by the repressed children, blew open a cover-up by Guy’s parents. Wendy disguised herself as her brother Chance and discovered that Maddin’s inventor father performed outr scientific experiments on the orphans.



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