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Artist Trust Studio Tour
Union Art Cooperative

As a benefactor event for Artist Trust annual Art Auction, the infamous Union Art Cooperative opened up their studios for patrons to catch a rare glimpse of this unique live/work space.


Home and Studio of Artist Trust Board Member
Sarah Novotny and Jack Kintz

Artist Trust Board Member gives us the grand tour

A glimpse of their fabulous art collection

Foyer of Union Art Cooperative

Home and Studio of Artist Trust Patrons Harry and Merrily Applewhite

The Applewhite’s collection include several pieces from New Guinea

Home and Studio of mixed-media artist Cheryl Lawrence

Cheryl Lawrence

Cheryl experiments with rice paper and other natural materials

Home and Studio of Tani Barlow and Donald Lowe

Home and Studio of Gene and Lois Graham

Lois Graham passed away October of 2007 and her husband Gene
created an homage with her ashes, favorite painting and other keepsakes

Robin Richardson

About Union Art Cooperative
In the early spring of 1992, Karen Guzak and Gene and Lois Graham began to plan an artists cooperative loft building, a renovation of a 1916 automobile warehouse and showroom at 1100 East Union Street.

After feasibility studies including extensive legal work, structural and seismic assessment; consideration of the commercial, historic, and urban nature of the location; addressing the needs of artists for flexible living and working space; working with parking requirements and other city code issues; and not least, the budget they decided to purchase the building.

The basic design issues were settled with emphasis on the buildings original materials (concrete and heavy timbers with a classic brick faade). An extensive demolition was required to expose the structure and prepare the shell for the varied spacial uses that artists require. The developers proposed to sell raw space which purchases would design and finish out to their own requirements. The entry and lobby were thought of as sculptural spaces with the unfolding feeling of entrance, passage and arrival. Throughout this early design phase the goal was to allow the beauty of the old wood timbers to counterpoint the clean planes of a contemporary and industrial look.

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