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Since humans began living in caves, they had the urge to decorate their dwellings. For most people, it’s an understandable wish to beautify and embelish their homes, surroundings and environments.. For others, this decorating becomes an obsession. And for some people, it becomes a life quest, a way to articlulate a vision and to validate a life. It’s an attempt to make a dream a reality and to share that dream with the world.


Living in a Pyramid













A client approached Jim Castanes to help her design her new apartment — in the top pyramid of the Smith Tower, once Seattle’s tallest building. Since she had a 40-year lease, she wanted the space to suit her needs. The space had once been the caretaker’s suite and the old water tower enclosure at the top of the Smith Tower.
Castanes Architects assisted her in deciding how to live in the space and where to site the basic necessities, and she took it from there. She shares the space with a huge Dale Chihuly sculpture, a gift from the artist, which fills a good portion of the large pyramidal volume that is now the living, dining, and kitchen area of this most unique home. A large and growing collection of artwork and collectibles makes this home a personable definition of its sociable and on-the-go inhabitant. And yes, she rode out the February 2001 earthquake in the space with virtually no damage!






Tacoma Art House
Absolutely AMAZING piece of folk art created by Vladimir Deriugin in Tacoma. Threatened wih lawsuits by the city, hes put it on the market for $360,000.
Vladimir calls his home constructivist art and said the structure was intended both as an artistic expression and as an advertisement for his sculpture and film business. Read the entire article in the Tacoma New Tribune.

For more photos from different angles, check out http://www.KevinFreitas.net

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MLS# 25181463

Funky Georgetown
Janine Duncan’s new listing
in Funkalicious Georgetown.
This is a Georgetown
monument, practically
a landmark, near the
famous Hat ‘n’ Boots
and in the veritable bowels
of Seattle’s industrial district.
Such an opportunity!
And only $269,950.
Cheap at twice the price!
Two bedrooms, one bath,
new plumbing and
electricity, with a huge
MLS# 25169641







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The K.R Trigger Building in Seattle
Check out the K.R. Trigger Building that’s on the market compliments of Craig Roberts of Prudential NW Real Estate. This classic warehouses is in the heart of the SODO district, completely renovated for office and retail. This building has a complete Movie Theater, full functioning and stocked Bar, offices, warehouse and complete collection of over $200,000 worth of neon signs.

Imagine the parties you could have in this space.




















Cool Renovated Church on Vashon Island

Own a wonderful piece of Vashon Island history. 1917 country church very tastefully decorated as a contemporary home. Includes all furnishings. Additional 3 BR House included with this fine home. Lots of potential in these two beautiful buildings. Sunny 1+ acre. Beach & Marina within walking distance.

Email agent for availability, [email protected]






The Quarry — Mt. Vernon, Washington



Located on hill overlooking Skagit Valley, renowned artist Joseph Kinnebrew has taken old an stone quarry on 10+ acres and made it a truly spectacular property with total privacy. The Residence with waterfall entry, master suite with fireplace and sitting room, family area off true gourmet kitchen, formal dining, Office/studio, other buildings for entertaining & guest suite. 2 bdrm guest house w/kit has B & B status, separate 2nd studio & workspace & garage. Fabulous gardens, flowing ponds & grounds back to rock wall, views of the mountains, valley and water.






This is an incredible property. For more information and photos of this property and the artist, Joesph Kinnebrew, visit his website, www.JosephKinnebrew.com. For price and availability, please email [email protected]

The ‘Landmark Houses’ program was envisioned for Lower Mill Estate, in the Cotswold Water Park in Engand. A number of architects were asked build site-specific homes for England’s landed gentry. Each one is unusual, unique and thoroughly one-of-a-kind. http://www.lmearchitecture.com/houses.htm


The toy collector John Rigg began wiring circuits in kindergarten. He was still little when he gave his mom a cardboard robot he built with motors, electric lights, and a little candy-filled drawer. Today, John Rigg displays thousands of metal men in a big barn near Spokane, Washington. A barn he calls “The Robot Hut”.


The Robot Hut features the largest collection of toy and working robots outside of Tokyo. John Rigg estimates there are over 2500 robots in his hut of over 2000 sq.ft. He not only collects robots, but he builds robots from scratch and also modifies existing robots and kits.










John built and programmed this robot to play pre-selected tunes of his choice. It’s called the New Machine Man Band and he built it himself. He’s been collecting and building robots for years. He relocated from Seattle several years ago to a town outside Spokane, Elk.










Here’s Steve, Diane and Kelly visiting the Robot Hut.



On his ranch a few miles off U.S. 2, Rigg built a 2,000-square foot “Robot Hut.” Outside theres a 20-foot tall wooden robot attached to the building. Inside are life-size reproductions of famous robots such as Maria from “Metropolis” and Gort from “The Day The Earth Stood Still.”

There are rows of robot toys, displayed in custom-built glass cases. They range from square-headed Rockem, Sockem robots to Robocops to Terminators to Atomic Robot Man toys built in Japan in the 1940s. There is a replica of the time machine from the 1960 movie “The Time Machine,” with spinning disks and flashing lights.










I’m standing here by this robot so you can see the scale of some of John Rigg’s large lifesize creations. Rigg, an electrical designer, also makes exact, working copies of famous robots from movies, often using original blueprints. He has sold some of those replicas for hefty fees.

But he can make only a few of the replicas, as a homage to the originals, because he does not have the business rights to mass produce them.










The life-size replicas are uncanny. Robot B-9 turns its body, raises its head and shouts “Danger Will Robinson!” Robby the Robot lights up, moves and talks. Gorts visor slides up.

There are talking models of the sniveling C-3PO and a chirping R2-D2 from “Star Wars.”

Rigg built a working replica of the robot car from “Forbidden Planet,” including buttons on the floor that turn the vehicle right and left. The only time Rigg drove the car, he crashed into his mailbox.

Rigg does have one unique robot, which features a lifelike cast of his own face, with moving eyes and Dustbusters for feet. He calls it Robo-Rigg.

Rigg grew up in Spokane and moved to Seattle after high school to pursue a career in music. He worked 18 years there, designing a wide variety of electronic equipment for AEI Music.

Tired of the daily commutes, Rigg decided to move back to the Spokane area and built the Robot Hut.


Visit Virtual Robot Hut at: http://www.robothut.robotnut.com/



Church Building for Sale
Have you dreamed of owning your own Church? How about one that is part residence and part business? Open up an Antique store, Book store or whatever your heart desires (restaurant may pose a problem as property is on septic) Or take over the current owners business of Art Gallery – Gem/Frame Shop. Live upstairs in connected 4 bedrooms or in the 1 bedroom detached home directly behind the shop. No commute to deal with!

The old church is located in Start Up, Washington, on Highway 2, about 8 miles East of Monroe. It’s about 45 minutes from Seattle, if you drive fast.










Asking Price, $600,000. Email Marlow to check availability. [email protected]

“The Barn” in La Connor

Architect Allen Elliott designed this fabulous home on 2.96 acres with views of Mt. Baker & the Skagit Valley. ‘The Barn’ was totally renovated w/conference room, workshop, bath, office w/decks plus kitchen. 2nd level is open style w/living room, dining room, TV area & fabulous kitchen for entertaining, sunroom opens to large deck overlooking the Valley. This property is designed with an Artistic Touch! MSL# 25038399










Contact [email protected] for availability.

Castle in Graham, one hour south of Seattle


Graham Castle. 4200 sq ft, 1.2 acre, 3+ garage, 4+ bed, 2.5 bath, shed, Mt Rainier and Olympic views from turret and roof. Wow. $470,000

Chehalis Castle (?)


But look, only $135,000! Ask about MLS# 25108946

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Your home is your castle, but can also be an expression of your soul, your deepest longing, your personality and a portal to your spirit.
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